Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Art of Wholeness

As one can expect this post is about love again. The feeling of being whole is something I touched on briefly a while back and wanted to explore it more. Like I said I feel the real reason we get into relationships is to feel whole. We as humans are so insecure with ourselves that when we are around someone who likes us we feel whole. We realize that someone can look past all our flaws and like us more than a friend. We feel like we can do no wrong, and as a return we feel whole. We are not aware of our wrongs, only our rights. We feel happy and like we have a purpose. The problem is when this feeling is taken away we feel worse than before. It becomes like a drug and when we do not have it anymore we go through withdrawal symptoms of depression, obsession, and paranoia. We try to seek it again and as a response desire the need to have the attention and acknowledgment of the opposite party. That is how people are pushed away. Not because we try to, just because we are blinded and primal instincts kick in. We for once in our life think about ourselves first. Like I have said before social norms do not like us putting ourselves first, so when we try to get attention, we only push people away due to society labeling it as "neediness" or "obsessed." So we try to hide our feelings so we will not do this.

Ladies I will tell you a secret right now. Men are not always strong. Men are scared, They do not always have the right answer. They are as vulnerable as the rest. Men do cry, and they do feel pain. We do not like rejection as much as females. We also spend nights thinking about that one person and what we did wrong. We also seek the feeling of wholeness. Most men are probably not as open as I am, but at the center of every guy is a small boy with insecurities. A small boy who needs another person to help remind him that he is not weak and is loved. They might try to hide and ignore them (which is not healthy) and as a result create an ego or become a "douche." Men who are open about their insecurities and emotions though are labeled as feminine and "gay." Just shows how messed up our society is that the more insecure guy wins in high school (another story for another day).

We all just seek wholeness. It is the true base of love and romance. It is a curse but a blessing we are born with. It is what makes us find that "other" person and pushes us toward people. It can also blind us and only hurt us more. But sometimes it hurts to heal.


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