Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Like I said before this blog is going to be quite random. One thing I was thinking about is the city I live in. The city of Denver, Colorado. Last night a very good friend asked if I think she should move to Denver. She currently lives in Hawaii and needs to get out of isolation and find a significant other (she is in her mid 30s and is currently on the exact same path I am spiritually (though she has quite a few more years of experience and training on me) and in almost the same situation). I told her no, Denver is not the place for her. But I think Denver is not a place for anyone. I have lived in Colorado my whole life and must say I have enjoyed it. I have never though thought of Denver as a settling place. My family wants me to go to college in-state but I constantly refuse. I view Denver as a transformation place. It's great as an in between place between two parts of life, but not as a permanent place. I have also viewed Colorado as this as a whole. When someone says Colorado one automatically thinks about the mountains. Unless you have loads of money or are find with spending the rest of your life in one place in the same community not making progress and life just being a chill fest, you don't want to live there. Minus the mountains I personally think Colorado has nothing to offer. Denver isn't that amazing of town. Its nice, but nothing special. I think its a great place to grow up in, but I can't see myself or many spending their whole lives there. People need variety and I don't think Colorado offers it. Not a whole lot of culture in my opinion, but then again people might say the same thing about Seattle (a town I love) if they have lived there, there whole life. That is my opinnion on Coloardo though, a random one. But I think its true


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