Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fictional Identification Part 1

We have all had moments where we have seen a movie or read a book where we identify with a character or two. There are two in particular who I connect with a little too much.

John Dorian, J.D.- Scrubs
Scrubs is by far my favorite TV of all time. Though it is a comedy, it is also real. The characters in the show constantly are dealing with real life issues such as love, morality, stress, anger within the context of the shows humorous scenarios. Though the show became sillier as the years went by, the first 4 seasons are a landmark in comedic television if you ask me. To be able to be that funny and original but keep emotions true and believable is hard to do. The show deals around the character J.D. and his arrival as an intern at a hopsital to his departure 8 years later. I use to take offense at when my family would remark "you are so much like J.D." but I have come to terms with, yes I am a lot like J.D.

This is not bad though. J.D. is silly and goofy around his friends and kind of awkward around people he does not know. It is not due to him being socially awkward, just unsure and not quick to open up (maybe the only difference we have). His biggest fault though is that he self sabotages all his relationships, much like I do. I am always trying to find faults in people or events, when really I know I am happy, I just can't allow myself to enjoy life. I have become better at not doing this, but in the years I have sabotaged or not pursued relationships with females due to my own fears being put on them. We both also care too much about what others think about us, when really as long as you love yourself others opinions don't mater. We are both though caring, and put others first a lot of the time (for good or bad). We hate it when we make mistakes, and constantly try to fix things that might have been our faults. We dislike it when people don't approve of us. We are also always there for friends and try to do the right thing.

I could continue with more but then it would be too long of a read. I will save the other one, and most important one for a later date.


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