Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Guidelines aka Life's Giant Finger to the Nice Guy

At this rate I probably won't have anything else to talk about very soon, but eh. Like I have said before, I am constantly thinking so I always have something to say. I apologize for the annoyance of constant blog entries, but that's the thing about genius. If you don't capture it in the moment it looses its importance. One thing in the minimum years of being alive that I have caught onto is no one can truly express feelings. This is especially true when it comes to relationships. For instance, lets say I want to talk to girl #1. I have the opportunity to talk to this girl, but I cannot. Not because she disappears or I lose the ability to speak, no because I talked to her yesterday so if i talk to her again I have become needy. It is just some kind of game. This is one thing I really hate about how our society. There is no true thing as expression. If one truly expresses it is too much and that person is labeled or judged. So I for instance cannot talk to girl #1 because then I am breaking the rules. What rules? The rules that have been written by the unconscious mind of the species of mankind deciding on how much contact one can make with another under certain guidelines. In all honesty if we all just were more open, said what we wanted to say, and avoid these little games of cat and mouse week long conflicts and events could be solved within maters of minutes or days. That though would require a leap of faith, one that is unpredictable. So as much as I want to claim I am not part of this game, I cannot. In fact I will sit here and wait for girl #1 to say something. Why? I have reasons. We all do. But you know what? Break the rules. Patience is a virtue, a virtue in a world where we are constantly reminded life is too short.


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