Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have You Ever.....

Have you ever sat in the sun? Have you ever just laid there with no purpose?Have you ever just looked out into the horizon and just see blue? No clouds, no despair, just openness. Have you ever just let the breeze rush across your face, and with it take away the sadness of winter and replace it with happiness? Have you ever worn socks with flip flops just because you can? Have you ever just forgotten about everything and for the littlest moment remember you are beautiful? Have you ever looked into the grass and found new shades of green and yellow? Ones that cannot be seen without an open mind. Have you ever just looked around you and noticed the shadows of the world? The forgotten aftereffects. Have you ever heard your phone go off, but you don't care? Have you ever just sat there and remembered why you love, and that everything is beautiful?


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