Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Joker and the Audience

I once took a Facebook quiz. The quiz was to tell you what your purpose in life was. I expected to get be a friend, a lover, or a thinker. Instead I got the entertainer or also known as the jester or joker. I must say this is very true of me. As awful as it sounds I could never bare to be only on tech crew for a school show. I need the recognition from the audience, and if anyone criticizes me for this they should truly look at themselves because we all need the limelight now and again. That is why many are actors, to fill the void of self doubt and lack of confidence (another topic I will touch later). It is not just the attention I seek as an actor or entertainer, but also the gift I can share with the audience. From just coming out of being in by far the best show I have ever been in I can say that. Even though my part was not big by any means, I felt so proud because I shared the gift with people and as a result made them ahppy. The reason I bring this up is because of this blog. I have only sent this blog to maybe 15 at most (and hidden a link to it on my Facebook page). So far people have told me they really like it. I have now found myself at a conflict. Do I post it in an area where many can gain access to it, or not. I enjoy the privacy of knowing that only people I personally have chosen are the only ones who are reading it, but then I would love to share this thing I have created with many. Opinions?


Edit: After thinking it over I have decided this was stupid. There are people I don't want to see this and shouldn't give them the power to find it. If people really want to know about me (hint) they will find it. But besides that and possible word of mouth, I shouldn't have to advertise. Unless I become insanely popular and make money off of it......

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