Monday, March 21, 2011

Relationships Part 2

As a reader of this blog you should be aware, I am a hopeful romantic. According to urban dictionary I am......

"A person who loves the idea of love, but also lives in the real world. They see the world as full of possibilities to find their love. They know that they will find someone to love, or may have already found that someone. They see the world optimistically because they know from experience that things are pretty good. Hopeful romantics take their time, don't rush into things and, instead, play the field."

As a result expect me to post my opinions on relationships or just love in general a lot. I am not quite a hopeful romantic though. I have quite a few times not viewed the world optimistically and have rushed into things not thinking or have over thought a situation. I also get insanely paranoid. In fact 90% of my heart breaks have been because of these, I would not say, flaws, but just immaturity.

It is the first week of spring and with that love is in the air. Hormones are in the air and everyone just seems a little bit nicer. I love spring due to this. I also hate it though because it can remind you how lonely you can be. Within the last few weeks I have seen friends have disappointments at relationships. That is the one thing that can ultimately suck about relationships. As happy as they can make you, they can destroy you. That is not news though, and I am not trying to make it be. You though learn from these mistakes and eventually carry on. For a while I thought nothing good came out of a failed relationship, but now I see the good. Maybe it is due to me having it a little but easier than most lately but I see the positives. The saying "you learn from your mistakes" is as true as it gets. Might not be as sophisticated as a monologue from a movie, but it is as real as it gets.

Like I said I love the idea of love, but I also despise it. It seems like you have to go through a million and one games to get to it. I am not perfect, I play these games. Hate the game not the player though. That just defeats the purpose of it. I have learned from my mistakes though, and what I have learned is the ultimate failure was not being open or waiting too long. Sure maybe the girls were also not as mature sometimes or just life just got in the way, but my advice is this.

Spring is the time of rebirth (or zombie Jesus you choose), and with that try anew. Learn from your mistakes and use that to your advantage. Set a goal and try to achieve it. Mine is not letting paranoia stand in my way. Be open, enjoy life, and do what you want (as long as it is legal).


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