Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Relationships is one of those topics I was going to touch upon eventually (I guess within the first day). Relationships are very important to me. Not just romantic ones but friendships. In a world filled with a lot of disappointment and unpredictability friends are needed. I hate it when people don't value friends or push them aside over small fights or issues. So if you reading this most likely you are a very special friend so thank you for everything and I love you very much. But what people usually think about when they hear relationship are romantic ones. A true romantic relationship should be a friendship, but one level above. Not anymore special than a friendship, just different. The reason I bring this up is because relationships have been a big part of my life lately. In high school it is hard to not have it become a big part of your life and let it control you. It is only instinct to want a significant other. Many say this is because of our sexual instincts, but I disagree. I think the reason we all want someone else is not for sex, but the connection. I think as humans in the society we live in, we are trained to think we are not good enough. As a result we are insecure with ourselves and don't believe or trust our actions, thinking, and self. I for one have been doing that lately with asking people what they think about a girl. Not cause I am honestly going listen to them, but because I need reassurance that I am not wrong. We want ourselves to be wrong, but that's a discussion for another day. We all want that connection though because it makes us feel whole. Someone to make us not feel wrong and have confidence in ourselves. I mean if someone likes us enough to be more than friends then I must have done something right. I might sound like a hopeful romantic (which I am) from a indie movie, but it is true. I can say that being with someone I know who cares for me is better than kissing. Now the physical stuff is nice and fun, but meaningless kissing sucks compared to purposeful holding hands. Its not even the feeling of the hands, but the feeling of you feeling whole. Part of something bigger and more purposeful. This only makes it harder when it falls, but that's where friends come in. They (if they are truly a friend) will never leave you, or let you fall. This might just sound like 15 different cliches rolled into one, but its true.


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