Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Repost of Wilson's Heart

If you may or may have not noticed my recent post about the movie idea, "Wilson's Heart" (yes it needs a new name), was removed. I had to do this after a friend reading the blog notified me I could easily get the idea stolen. For a lack of gracious poetic words, it sucks. It is unfortunate when you live in a society where a movie idea can be stolen off of a high schooler's philosophical blog. I checked it though and turns out ideas are copyrighted by American law once they are put down. So I can sue someone's ass if they make a movie based on my idea. That is nice to know. Anyway here is Wilson's Heart......again

Wilson is a mid 20 year old architect who's finance, Jill, and best friend and future best man, Henertz, having a falling out. Wilson tries to stay out of the fight but is forced to take action after both parties try to drag him in. Wilson helps end the feud, but the relationship between his fiance and friend is still not fixed due to both parties not accepting responsibility for their actions. Wilson then comes up with the "14 Points to a Better Heart," a list of 14 ways to fix their relationship. Through failed communication, disobedience, and betrayal, Wilson learns the true heart that needs mending, is his own.

Like i said it is a indie romantic comedy based on President Wilson's 14 points and the end of World War 1. I made it as a joke to a comment my history teacher said, I think though I could take it somewhere. Hopefully it wont be stolen by the time I can make it.


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