Saturday, April 9, 2011

Formspring Experiment

Today I would like to try something. As I have said before I love how the mind works. I love how it is a puzzle you must put together (or pull apart) one piece at a time. With that said I also enjoy the pleasure of helping people out. I always feel satisfied knowing I helped someone persevere through something and through it, learned something for myself. So I have decided to start a formspring. Formspring is a website where you can ask the user a question anonymously. I would like to start a weekly blog post where I answer questions either about myself, or help other through their own issues. Now I am not going to stop talking about my own life or philosophy on this blog and become a self help section in a school magazine. I just feel sometimes we need help through things, and if you think you can trust me enough or think I am wise enough to help you through some of your own problems (or just get to know me a little better), I would be honored.


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