Sunday, April 24, 2011

Formspring Responses #1

As many of you may or may not remember, a few weeks ago I talked about an idea I was hoping to implement. I wanted to start a weekly response section where I either answered questions readers asked about me, or advice for themselves. Unfortunately, I only received a few and for a lack of words, they sucked. Within the past days though I finaly got a good one, so I can finally start this response section.

Q: In your blog, you are described as a hopeless romantic. To those around you (and I have been around you several times), you are not anything like the person you are inside your blog. So my question to you is why?

A: To clarify I call myself a "hopeful romantic" not a "helpless romantic." There is a difference. The reason I am not like the same person outside of the blog is because these are my deepest thoughts. This is where I am most open and as a response, philosophical. It is also where I can be most vulnerable. If I was like this all day, yes it would be nice, but after a while too much of anything becomes annoying. I have to find a good balance between just being a teenager and then the person I am in my blog. I am philosophical and a romantic when it is necessary and appropriate, but too much of it will push others away. Life is a lot about finding balance. If you are having a heart to heart with me, yes I will be like this. If you need advice or help, I will be like this. But if we are just hanging out at the lunch table, I will most likely just be a teenager. A wiser teenager, yes, but not 100 percent like my blog. This blog is me in my deepest and truest form, so it is a shame I cannot be like this all the time. After a while though, I would even be tired of my blog self. You also need to let go sometimes and just have fun. If I was like this all the time, it would make just having fun a bit harder. It is important in life to find when certain things are necessary. It is equally as important to know when they are not though.

Ask questions at the blog's formspring so we can keep this going. Do not be shy to ask me anything. I look forward to your future questions.


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