Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Have You Ever

Have you ever walked outside after a rain storm? Have you ever let the smell of the surroundings take over your senses? Have you ever looked around and all you see is darkness? Have you felt surrounded in warmth despite the situation? Have you ever looked up and seen the reminiscent of the day still hanging? Have you ever seen clouds and pink against a dark black sky? Have you ever wondered how such an unnatural event still feels like it belongs? Have you ever let all the superficial things disappear? Have you ever just stood there and seen the answer to everything illuminated against a black sky? Have you ever felt the most alive and all knowing at a point when you are not visible to the world? Have you ever felt like nothing can destroy you, even when you realize you are small on the global scale? Have you ever only let that fuel you more to succeed? Have you ever stood there and let rain drops fall on your head because it is what connects you to what is true? Have you ever illuminated against a black filled sky?


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