Friday, April 22, 2011

When Does Disappointment Become Predictability?

We all have that one thing in life we cannot seem to get past. Whether it be not fitting in, problems with trying to get a significant others, or anything else you can think of, this problem never seems to go away. Some might just call it bad luck, but honestly is it that? I find myself in a repeat of a situation I have had for at least two years now. I just do not seem to fit in with the people in the niche I am part of at school. I find myself rejected from the circle, and am use to it. Even so, I find myself disappointed even though I am not surprised. The question then is this. Does disappointment ever become predictability? You would think by now, the disappointment has gone away when things like this happen. Even though it does not effect me as much as it use to, it still does have an impact. The truth is this. Humans are vulnerable. No mater how strong they are, any comment will leave a mark on them somewhere. It might just be a scratch, but the impact is there. So even though, yes, I could have predicted the outcome of the situation (which I kind of did) it still did have an impact. So to make things short and sweet, I do not think it ever fully becomes predictability. People are stubborn sometimes and will not change their views on you. You can be fully prepared for the rejection, but no mater how hard you try, you will still feel some pain. It is up to you to wait for the people who really cherish you and do not take you for granted.We all physically age at the same rate, but mentally we are all at different paces.


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