Sunday, May 1, 2011


It is hard to not be a little melancholy after a show ends. Tonight was the last night of our schools performance of the play I was in. We went out with a bang, and I am so proud of it. Though I am so happy for all we accomplished in the show, it is also sad to see it go. It is hard to say goodbye. I think the reason is because it is disappointing in a way that after weeks of hard work our creation only lasted for two hours for three nights. Once it is over, only the memories and programs are the evidence it ever happened. The one thing I hate most about shows ending is that friends go separate ways. Friends are formed during shows for you are forced to spend weeks with the same people. After the show is over though, real life kicks in and that mutual place you use to spend with those people are gone. Everyone ends up going back to the real world. A world where you do not always see the people from the cast. That mutual area no longer exists. All you have are the memories.

It is hard for humans to let go. But there is a difference. To let go does not mean forget. As long as we remember the good, appreciate the experiences we had and the lessons we learned, nothing more can be asked. Yes it would be amazing to do 500 more shows, but after a while the magic would be lost. That is the beauty of high school theater. You only get a few shows to capture the magic and bring the story to life. The beauty is that the magic never gets lost though.

One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Seuss. The quote goes “don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” So this is my farewell to the show. Though I will be sad and will miss it, I also will not forget how lucky I was to be part of such an amazing show. Though I will be in more shows in the future, you have to capture the beauty of every moment and hold onto it, for in the end it is all we have.


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