Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As you may or may have not noticed my blog now officially has a logo. I would like to say I made it, but my graphic design skills are no where that good. The logo was made by a friend named Bart. If you are reading this Bart I am very grateful to you. The idea of the logo was to represent each of the seasons and how they flow into each other and are in return truly one. This can be seen by the bleeding effect into each other. I then had the the letters "W", "I", "T", and "B" to represent the title of the blog. These letters and the seasons are held together with a giant "I" showing overall life is about the loving the individual and accepting oneself and in return truly being at peace. My blog is about the journey of oneself through life and the experiences one learns and the logo represents this perfectly. I hope you enjoy the logo as much as I do.


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