Sunday, May 29, 2011

Main Character

In life we are the main character. It is only simple and natural. We live life through our eyes so we became the central character because we are everywhere. Life is based around our goals and our desires and wishes. We hear our internal thoughts and things seem to work around us. We are the main character. What happens when you are not though?

Whenever a person sees one they usually think about how that person has affected and changed them. Whenever I see someone though I think about how have I affected them. I do not see myself as the main character of my own life. I see myself as the support for other tales. I see myself as the mentor and the wise man. The character that is there to help others realize their own potential and story. I am not saying it is always like this. In fact right now I do have my own story going on with its own little cast, but I seem to think I am involved in too many other stories to be my own main character. Its niche I think some of us fit. The niche being the mentor. We are here to help, but do not seem to see much advancement in our own tales. We only further the tales of others.

Some might say it is because we have reached the climax of our tales, but I do not think so. There is no way a high schooler has learned all that there is to learn. I think it is because our tales need a little more than the occasional plot point to move forward. We rely on the big revelations and moments. We also seem to be the most aware of what we want, so when we are not heading toward it, it does not seem like our story is going anywhere. We seem to be still until something big happens. Until then our own story seems to be about how we affect others, not how we are making progress.


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