Friday, May 13, 2011

Writer/Emotional Block

As many of you may or may have not noticed, I am not updating this blog as often as I usually do. I could blame it on being tired or not having enough time, but no, that is not why. One reason I love this blog is it gives me an area to think and express what I am feeling. As a result though, I find it hard to write entries without some kind of meaning or personal emotion behind it. Recently not anything major has really been happening, and as a result I have not been able to find things to talk about. Yes, I have found things, but nothing I can put meaning behind. Without meaning words are just words, with meaning though it turns into literature and art. A reader can notice when there is meaning or not. It just feels different. As a result I do not try to post unless I "feel it." It is one of the reasons I have lots of drafts of posts I never shared. Maybe I will talk about some of the "lost posts" some day. So please hang with me. Next week I should have something pretty cool and new for my blog that I am very excited for. Watch me after this post have a million ideas of what to talk about. It always happens that way. Writer's block.


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  1. I have been following your blogs and will wait for you to "feel it" as you say. great ideas - helps others to see their same issues expressed by you cause we all don't have the words1