Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fictional Identification Part 2

A long time ago I wrote about how I identified myself with the character John Dorian (J.D.) from the show "Scrubs." In the post I talked about how I identified with one other character also. Today I finally conclude on my promise of eventually writing about it.

Tom- "500 Days of Summer"
To start off, the movie "500 Days of Summer" is one of my favorites. I consider it a guy's chick flick. Girls watch chick flicks and connect with the sadness and unfairness the lead girl is usually facing. Guys watch "500 Days of Summer" and connect with the sadness and unfairness the lead guy is facing. The movie is about a character named Tom and his relationship with a co-worker named Summer over 500 days (roughly a year and a half). The movie shows the beginning of the relationship, the relationship at its high points, its decline, the break up, and then the aftermath. This might not seem any different than most romantic movies but the kick is that you feel bad for the guy and not the girl.

This is why I relate with Tom. Both of us are people who try to see the love in most things. In the movie Tom immediately believes he is in love with Summer once they start dating. I too also try to find the love in most things. Though I might not think this is the woman of my dreams like Tom does, I try to see the most optimistic outcome once I am with a girl. We both believe people will react the same to us because it is second nature to us to be nice and see the beauty in things. This ends up only making us more vulnerable and getting hurt worse when things do not go well in the end. He and I also hold back from pursuing a girl due to our fears. Tom only really starts to talk to Summer after she has worked at the office for a few weeks. I really do not start pursuing a girl until I am sure she has some interest in me. Though I relate to Tom, it is the situation I relate to the most.

In the movie Summer starts drifting away from Tom and eventually breaks up with him. She does not seem to show much remorse and wants to be just be friends and eventually just moves on. He feels used and betrayed. I feel like most of my situations with girls have been like this. I feel like girls lead me on and I start to feel connected to them. I open up to them and think in return they will. I think things will end well. They usually end up turning me down and pull the friend card (note to ladies: this is the last thing you ever want to tell a guy). It results with me feeling used and hurt much like Tom. I feel like I was just another object to them. Though it is my fault for giving girls so much of myself for them to hurt it is only because I expect them to act the same. If a girl is showing interest I believe she usually wants the same thing I want, a mature relationship of some sort. Both Tom and I believe people are as open to love as we are. In the end though we heal from the hurt and learn. We do not stop being optimistic once we heal and hold onto our beliefs.

That wraps up my planned fictional identification piece. Later on if I really feel like I connect to another fictional character I will post it. If you wish to read part 1 you can read it here.


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