Monday, June 13, 2011

Losing My Mind/Summer/New Page

"I'm losing my mind" were the words a friend recently spoke to me. Basic and to the point. It seems like everyone recently is. Couples that were together for a long time are breaking up, people cannot get over their pasts, people are lost within themselves, and overall everyone is in a funk. I am not different from the rest. I am finding myself in a weird place recently. A place between disappointment and acceptance. I said spring was the season for love, well now it is summer and with it comes change. Summer seems to put more pressure on people and as a result push people to their limits. I was telling someone that I just discovered that life is not about knowing everything but rather it is about knowing how to get through it. Now that there are no distractions from school everything comes into the light more. Things that were buried  within people now seem to surface. As a result people find themselves lost and confused or like my friend said "losing their minds."

I also see this period as a time of new beginnings. As the story goes the phoenix is born from the ashes. All this old stuff needs to come up so we can destroy it and start fresh, or as the cliche goes "turn a new page." It is unfortunate that a lot of people right now feel lost and out of place but it is only so we can face our old buried issues. A person needs to acknowledge them, learn from them, and leave them and move on. You cannot keep on putting things in a closet if it is already full. I view summers as the time for a person's own spring cleaning. Though it is not spring it is time to get rid of old baggage and move on. It requires time and patience, something many of us do not we believe we have. We do though, people just need to focus on what is coming up and deal with it.


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