Sunday, June 5, 2011

Self Quotes

"No, I am not stupid. Here is the thing you are an amazing girl. You bring light to my darkest days and make me happy and feel like I am whole. But I am not dumb; life is not like the movies. Sometimes things work out but a lot of the times it doesn't. Life is unpredictable. Hell you might not even like me. I can be optimistic though and hope you want what I want also. But I am also realistic. Life doesn’t end with rain scenes where despite all hardships something carries on. It would be nice but life can be a bitch and I know you of all people can understand that."

1: "We all feel hurt or hurt someone else eventually. We just learn how to manage it or do it less."
2: "I don't."
1:"You are 16, do you really think you should have learned everything by now?"

All quotes by myself based off of life.


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