Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tears of Ashes/Departure

I will be gone for the next week at a conference so I will most likely not be able to update. I however do not want to leave without giving you guys a little something. The following are some lyrics to a song I wrote about two years ago. They are not perfect and need revision but I think is something cool to leave you guys with for a few days until I get back. Enjoy!

Tears of Ashes
Dark circles under her eyes
From the ashes that she cries
Paleness over her face
No time to sleep, no time to wait
Considered changing the way she is
But she likes being a martyr for her sins

She says the dark is her favorite part of the day
Things get worse before they get better
She does not wanna wait for that day
So she will live on with the pain
Only if she would accept the love I try to give her
Instead she runs away and stays in her shelter
And lets the tears run down her face
The tears of ashes that leave a trace

Ripped jeans with burns on the knees
She finds no need to get them clean
Reminds her of her broken dreams
Burned into flames as she weeps
The fuel for her tears that disappear
As her true fate draws near


I try my best to help her through
But its hard with all the smoke rising from her wounds
The glass on the floor just makes many reflections
And makes it hard to find the right direction
She will get out of this trap
Once she stops designing them herself



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