Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Guys/Legos

During the process of "Chicago" a few guys and I had a recurring joke. We would constantly break into a song called "Nice Guys" (video). The whole song is about how nice guys finish last because girls only like bad guys. Though the video is comedic there is a bit of truth. I do not believe that nice guys finish last, but for the time being they certainly do not finish first. Through the process of thinking about this I came up with a pretty good analogy.

Guys are like a Lego set to girls. Nice guys are like the finished model while the bad guys are like the pieces. Though the nice guys are what girls want, girls do not get the gratification of putting it together. Girls get to put bad guys together though. There will be frustration, maybe finding a piece or two is missing along the way, and even having to change sets entirely due to there being no way it can ever be put together, but in the end if they succeed they get the gratification that they created it. It was not created for them. The two ending models might be the same (maybe a piece different here and there) but the process of getting there is what intrigues the girl.

I like to believe people become more mature and realize that it is not the building that matters but what you do when the model is finished (whether they just put it on a shelf or actually have interest still in it). For the time being it sucks, an opinion I have expressed very much. Being a nice guy does not mean you are flawless, but rather you put others before you and know how to truly care. Life is a long race and one day the balance will change. As someone once told me "bad guys are the ones girls want to date, but the nice guys are who they want to marry." I know all girls do not share this thought but most of the girls I have known do. Is it fair nice guys get to miss out on a lot for the time being? No it is not. It is frustrating and hurts. As long as you continue to care and write sonnets and all those romantic things though one day someone will realize that is life's true calling. After all isn't love what keeps us going?


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  1. "In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person." Margaret Anderson