Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Movies

A man walks into a party. He is awkward and shy. He quietly sits by himself until a girl shows up. The girl is lively and full of energy. She shows interest in him. They walk away together. They fall in love. The end.

Now if that sounded like a movie to you it is because it was. How often in life does a girl find interest in the awkward one sitting at a party? Especially an attractive foreign girl. The answer is not very often from what I have seen. It never seems to happen this way. Everyone is aware of it, yet I am still drawn to films like "Beginners" and "500 Days of Summer" though the practicality of anything ever happening like it does in those movies are slim to none. Yes the break up is truly believable, but the chances of the awkward emotional guy finding love within seconds never seems to happen. I guess I really just love the idea of love. I have talked before about why I love the idea of love so I will not repeat. The movies just make it seem to easy. Yes there is heartbreak so it seems believable but what are the chances of a completely opposite girl finding interest in a guy at first glance. I leave those movies in a bit of a confused emotional state. I just want love to be that easy. I want the foreign girl to like my awkwardness and have a dog that speaks through subtitles. I want the feelings of bliss within seconds of meeting each other. I want the feeling of "the one" within the first few dates. Love is not easy though and I know that. It is nice to think that sometimes it could work out well so easily and fast without forcing something that is not there. It is a long shot I know and makes me a definition romantic to the extreme, but a man can believe can't he? I think the subtitled dog is plausible though. 


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