Saturday, July 16, 2011


It seems to be whenever someone views their life they seem to be the hero. They seem to be the one that fights the evil, represents the good, and destroys the bad. They are the one with everyone's (minus the bad guy's) best interest at mind. They are the knight in shinning armor. What happens if you are not the hero but rather the villain? What if you view your life through the eyes of someone else and see what you are doing is selfish and destroying something someone might not possible want to destroy. What if you are the one knocking down a wall that does not seem to want to be destroyed? The wall might have a sign saying it wants to be destroyed, but if the owner does not allow you are you at fault for attempting anyway? Is it your fault that the owner had mix feelings but you decided getting rid of it was for the best because you will have a view of everything beautiful past the wall? Is it bad to assume that the owner will see the result as more beautiful? Are you the villain or the hero in disguise?


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