Sunday, August 28, 2011


"Enjoy heaven while you can, for eventually every angel must fall back to Earth and face the world again."

A line I recently wrote about the inevitability of life. How life always comes back around, how the good will balance out the bad, how every sea will have times of calm and storms. Life honestly is not a complicated thing, it is us who makes it complicated. We as humans make something so basic, something so vital all the more complicated. We make the bads, the goods, the ups, the downs, the shocks, and the relief. We create what is around us. No mater how different we think we all are though we make life inevitable. We are bound to create the whites and blacks and all the gray that is in between. If you take control though you can change the gray to any color you like.

I guess my advice is just be ready for it. Always be prepared. If something is bad try your hardest to believe that good is coming along because it is. Remember that life honestly is nothing complicated, we just make it that way. We make our own hells and chose to live in it. We also though can make our own happiness. It is all about the power of oneself. If you chose not to have the inevitability of the good coming to an end then you can do it. Life might have given you the canvas but you get to chose what colors you use.


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