Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Issue Address/Update

I would like to take this post just to address a thing or two. One thing that has often come to my attention in feedback that I get is that I seem to group women together in one group and make assumptions. I would like to take this time to address this. For one I never meant for this blog to be a criticism of women. This blog is merely my thoughts and ideas based off my own experiences. Unfortunately most of my experiences have not been with the nicest of girls. Though I do have a lot of friends who are girls that I trust more than some of my guy friends, you always remember the bad over the good. So when I make statements as girls want the bad guys, there are obviously exceptions to the rule. So to my female readers please do not feel as if I am bashing you.

Secondly as any blog post that has the title "Update" in it, this is the part where I explain that I am not dead and am merely in the middle of something. Though I do not feel comfortable sharing to the world right now what is going on it is merely me just waiting for someone to find something they are looking for. Though it is cryptic, I know, I promise to explain more once it is over. Though I probably will not be writing anything about myself soon I would really love to answer some of your questions. So please ask questions at the blog's Formspring (link) and I will address them in my next post. Thank you once again for the patience. Believe me I know how much patience can wear on someone. Sometimes though you have to deal with it if you want the best possible outcome. Patience is like they say the greatest of virtues.


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