Sunday, August 21, 2011


Once again that time of year has come. The time when summer ends and the school year begins. It is a time of sadness, excitement, confusion, frustration, and curiosity. It is a time of not wanting to leave the past, but yet wanting to see what lies before us. A time of discovery but leaving the comfortable. A time of reentering the norm but a time of change.

As exciting as this time can be, it can also be hard. A lot of people like to look back on things they have done and analyze it. With the end of summer comes the analyzing with the goal of seeing if you did everything you wanted. That is why people complain summer is too short. Not because it is, but because we hesitate too long to do what we wanted. It is hard not to feel like we spent too many days sitting at home when we could have been with other people exploring the world and doing something productive. As we enter the new "year" there are still questions unanswered and disappointments that haunt us. There is also the fear and anxiety of the the future. How will the year go? Will I enjoy it? Will I succeed? Will I do everything I want to do? People say you cannot live in the past or see the future and even though that is true we sure try too. We waste energy on the unobtainable instead on the present. We want what we cannot have anymore or yet.

I love phases of the day analogies. As cliche as they may seem they are the most truthful. Nothing is ever completely light and nothing is ever completely dark. There will be the inevitability of the other entering your life eventually. I view the end of summer like a sunset. Though the fun and light is leaving the night brings a different kind of beauty and eventually the sunrise. Though there might be the drag of school returning it will bring something beautiful with it. Yes it will bring bad things also, but everything is a two sided coin. You just have to learn to only focus on one side.

As we exit the summer we also leave with all the good experiences we had. All the places we experienced, all the friends we made, all the risks we took. Though we remember the disappoint for a bit it is always the positive that stay with us. Remember what you accomplished not that you did think it went by too fast. We must close the door that was summer and walk into the field of new opportunities. It will be a new journey. It might seem scary because for most of us it is closer to end, which is good and bad. Though it might seem mundane, dull, and just a requirement to get through life do not let it go by. Stay present and make the most of the ride. Besides all journeys have some reward at the end.


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  1. well said - now we should all go open some doors!! (-: