Monday, September 12, 2011

Old Patterns

We all have some old pattern. Maybe it is liking people who are similar or behaving the same to a certain situation. No mater what it is we seem to fall in these old patterns a lot. The question is why? Most of the time the term "old patterns" has a negative connotation. The patterns are usually old for they were something we did not like so we tried to move on and grow. Despite our hardest tries to move away from them we seem to fall back into some of them. The reason is they feel safe. We are so use to them we know we are not trying something out of our comfort zone. Maybe they are harmful to ourselves, but we just fall back into them because we know how to react to them and what to do. It feels "right." It however is not right. We call them old patterns because we want to leave them in the past and grow. It is like some force dragging you back. A force you have to constantly fight. However the struggle makes you stronger for it puts more force on you, a force you exercise to overcome. Breaking out of these forces is what perseverance is about. Once you get out of these, nothing seems to be able to hold you back. You have beaten the past, something that never wants you to leave. Anyway not super long, but sometimes a long essay is not needed.


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