Monday, October 17, 2011


As teenagers we do not expect the worse to happen to us. We view the world as a place full of endless possibilities that despite our actions will never result in dire consequences. The worse we think that could happen is maybe being grounded or suspended from something, but never anything past that. It is moments like this that make us open our eyes. 

This past weekend a girl at my school passed away. Though the reasons are unknown there is speculation that it was due to poor choices. It is moments like this that make us realize we are all human. As teenagers we view death as something that only happens to older people, not ourselves. As a result we act without thinking or do not do activities in moderate amounts. After all, worse thing that could happen is we get caught or feel sick for a day. Though her death is tragic and very sad it also serves as a reminder that we all are not safe from our own mortality. Though we think it cannot happen to us it can. Teenagers are no more immune from death than adults. We are all humans with the same basic biology. Poor choices still result in the same consequences despite the age.

Though it is sad and might seem like nothing good could possible ever come out of the situation, it is also a reminder to love and take care of each other. People take things for granted too much, myself included, and situations like this, though tragic, remind us that anyone can disappear at any moment. As a result we should all remember to love each another and not hate. You never know when your  words to a person may be the last. By taking care of each other it reminds people that they are loved and can possible prevent poor choices. It is also a time to celebrate life and what we have. Though she is gone, she is in a place that we can only assume is better than here. Her time was short but she will not be forgotten.

Most of the school did not know her personally, but the fact that so many people are sadden by her passing and are moved to express their respect and love shows that we can all love each other. This love brings groups together and puts away differences because down inside we are human. We realize that all the superficial things that divide us are pointless and unnecessary. We are all connected and it is shown by our love and support. Though she is gone physically she will never be truly gone. She will never forgotten, just missed.


Sunday, October 16, 2011


The concept of a trophy is basic. It is something one receives for accomplishing a task. It is the proof that someone in fact did do something and succeeded. It is a great feeling to receive one for it reassures a person's success in something and shows that the work did pay off. However if someone receives a trophy without the work is it still a trophy or something meaningless?

To get a trophy one must work for it. Like I said it's the proof that someone accomplished the task. So if someone is handed a medal without running the race does it lose its meaning? There are two ways to view it. The first is it indeed loses the meaning. It becomes an object with no substance so there is no meaning. There was no work to gain it so it is as special as anything else someone might own. In fact it can become a scar, reminding one that they truly did not gain it it was just handed to them. It can also remind them that they never fully achieved it or even accomplish the task. It can represent failure instead.

The other view is that is represents the complete opposite. Sure, a person might have not done a huge accomplishment to gain it but the fact they are receiving it shows that it wanted to be given to them. It represents a gesture that is rewarding them for something. Accepting it means nothing wrong. In fact it might make someone happier by accepting it.  The person has  gained something. It shows someone wanted to give it to them for they did deserve it. Much like a life long achievement award. There are no written credentials to get it, just a consensus that the person deserved it for what they did. They never directly worked for it, but instead indirectly did. If it makes them happy why would not enjoy it? It can be a trophy in a different sense.

Two very different views on a basic question. Obviously one is going to view it differently than another much like is the glass half empty or half full. It depends on the situation the person is in for when it comes down to it, the trophy is physically no different in both senses.


Sunday, October 9, 2011


An artist or creator of any kind whether it is a writer, a painter, a singer, an actor, an inventor, or a composer will tell you that to create something one needs inspiration. The reason is because without it things seemed rushed and forced. As a result the piece of art will never be as good. As you could probably tell from my hiatus, I have lost the inspiration again.

We all know how this works, I lose inspiration, I write about said loss, and then I magically regain it. It is like clockwork. Though I know the inspiration will come back those moments without it are scary. The reason is because when the inspiration is gone people feel like their life has lost the meaning and eventfulness it once had.

The cliche ending line when someone dies is that the person says "I lived life to the fullest." This usually implies that every moment was full of some meaning or event. It has been forced into the human mind that if you do not feel like you are doing something worth noting every moment you are wasting away the precious time that is life. These experiences and moments that are full of meaning whether good or bad and are what create the inspiration for artists or anyone that creates something. That is why when life is busy or eventful for a person works are put out constantly and never seem to lose their quality. However when this inspiration "dies" that is when the machine stops. This becomes scary because a person then starts to think their life has nothing special anymore or has lost its meaning. Much like a drug a person gets so use to the high that is inspiration that when it stops they think something is wrong. They think something has gone wrong. They think their life lost the energy it once had. They try to run away from it, not accepting the fact that the inspiration is gone for accepting seems to equal defeat in most people's minds. This however is not true. It only results in numbness and more of the thing they were running away from.

When the inspiration is regained all goes back to normal, however those moments without it make you feel like your mark on the world is gone. Much like the post before this, one feels like they are just part of the crowd. Their uniqueness is gone and nothing differentiates them. These moments are scary, but something will happen and the inspiration will come back. An event sometimes as simple as realizing you have lost the inspiration will help you regain it. Much like most things in life, the second you stop running away from an issue and face it, it will resolve itself at a much faster rate. Then thing will carry on again as normal.