Monday, January 30, 2012

Glisten (a poem)

The following does not express my current mood or attitude. Just something I wrote in a moment of sadness, but in fact I am pretty happy right now. I repeat I am happy, the happiest I have been in a while, we all just have moments of vulnerability.

What has the world become?
A place of villainy?
A place of hate, despair, and rage
A lack of chivalry.

What has the mind become?
A place of fogginess?
A place of light, then lost of sight
A ground of endlessness.

What has the day become?
A place of  repression?
A place of beauty but yet ends shortly
A land of confusion.

What has the night become?
A place of decisions?
A place of chance, pure luck, and trance
A realm of situations.

What has life become?
A place of misconceptions?
What once was right seems to be left behind
An existence that needs to glisten.


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