Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine's Day, the most Hallmarked holiday around. A day to celebrate something we should be celebrating everyday, love.  A day that makes some feel happy and some feel bad. Just a brilliant holiday.

All sass aside though, I actually enjoy Valentine's Day. It is a fun day to celebrate, and despite love being something we should celebrate everyday it is nice to have a reminder. People often say that without someone "special"it is a sad holiday and just a reminder of how a person's life is sub par in the romance field. I disagree with this though. From personal experience of never having someone "significant" on Valentine's Day, I am never sad. I find that most people aren't really sad on this day, and if they act "sad" it might just be a tool to get attention on the day for they are not getting it from that "special someone." However, we all have a special someone to celebrate on Valentine's Day. That person is oneself.

Valentine's Day has become all about showing love for others and telling people how much they mean to you. I agree that this is important but I think it should also be a day to celebrate and love oneself. Like I have said before, it is impossible to love anyone else if you do not love yourself. The truth is that the most important person if your life is yourself. It might sound egotistical but it is the truth. Without you, there is no life or others to celebrate. That is why I like to remind people that among the expression of love for others, remember to show some love for yourself. Remind yourself you are awesome and are loved. Humans forget to do this a lot, including myself, so remember it on a day filled with love.

Valentine's Day might be a pointless holiday in the sense of it holding deep and influential meaning, but it is fun and festive and sometimes that is all one needs. I dare you though that among the chocolate, flowers, and love for others to leave some for yourself. Make sure to love the one person that people often forget to love, yourself. It is so simple and something we should do everyday so make sure to do it on the one day that is marketed to be the day of "love."

Also eat some choclate, that never hurts.

Happy Valentine's Day.