Thursday, March 1, 2012

Losing Control

A lot of the posts I made on this blog link together in their themes and subject maters. One I have brought up is control and our need for it, because the loss of it is a big fear many of us face. However, when I wrote about it I wrote about it from a person's perspective without really feeling it myself. This time it is different.

Recently I have felt like I have lost control. Many of us have all been in situations where we think everything is out of control and we cannot do anything to stop it. In the moment, it seems to be this way, but in reality we still contain control to some degree. However the worse is not when we lose control over big things, but control over the small things we take for granted. We all have at sometime or another felt like we are losing ourselves. It might be that one's emotions are constantly changing and drastic or that we do not understand ourselves anymore. It puts us in a place where we no longer feel like we know who we are.

Certain events can cause this. I for instance have started having sleep issues, and losing control over something so basic is scary. You feel like a freak and broken. How could one all of a sudden lose control over something so simple and natural? The fears start building inside you and the anxiety ensues. The perception of oneself becomes disoriented and viewed threw pessimistic and critical eyes. You are not perfect and therefore are weak and inferior. It becomes a spiraling pit of fear with no idea how or when you will get out.

My example was just a personal one, but many things can cause this. The feeling of losing control  is scary beyond belief and makes you feel doomed. The thing to remember though is that it will be okay. Everything will solve itself as long as you stay calm and deal with it rationally. Somethings cannot be fixed right away, it requires time, patience, and care. You are not broken or incorrect, you are normal and we all go through this phase at sometime. The thing to remember is to know the fears are normal and they will go away, despite how hard that is to believe. You have to try your hardest not to let the fears control you. The longer they control you the longer it will take to get out. We all regain control eventually, it is just how we get there that is different. It is something I personally am having a hard time grasping, but one must try to calm the fears down and know everything will be okay because everything is okay in the end. It might seem like a long journey to get there, but it is true.


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